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Terms of Service

NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY - This site is for personal use only. Use of this site for commercial purposes is specifically forbidden.
LEGAL NOTICE - This site does not sell any products or services and specifically does not intend to endorse any product or to offer for sale or solicit in any manner any investment in or purchase of any product especially and to include insurance policies, get rich quick schemes, credit repair offers, loans, pornography, drugs, tobacco, subscriptions, or any illegal product. Any advertisements placed on this site by syndicated methods may not be under the control of this website due to the nature of such syndication which may display different advertisements to individual users preventing the administrator of this site from monitoring the content for individual users, and user acknowledges that such advertisements are not to be considered an endorsement by this site or a solicitation by this site. Please report any apparent violation of this policy directly to mail@nupn.com. The administrator of this site will attempt to bar from this site any advertisements as may be reported by users which are deemed, at the sole discretion of the administrator, violations of this policy.

Information contained on this site is believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed. Much of the information is of a dynamic nature and changes may occur which may cause information displayed here to be out of date or inaccurate.

No information displayed here should be considered to be legal advice. Information we display has been gathered from publicly available sources. Use of this site constitutes acknowledgement and certification by the user that user has received no legal advice from this site.

Use of this site to search for unclaimed money or any other purpose shall be strictly at your own risk. We make no guaranty or warranty as to the suitability for use for any purpose or for accuracy of information provided on this site or at sites reached using links on this site. We are unable to judge the value of service provided by or accuracy of information provided by any advertisers on this site. Advertisements are placed by search engines on some pages and the content of these ads is beyond our control.

You must be a minimum of 18 years old to use this site to search for unclaimed property.

Copyrights laws are treated seriously and we request immediate notification if you believe any item referenced on this site or on offsite links infringes upon trademark or copyright ownership. Any such item or reference will be removed immediately or proper credit given should any violation of copyright or trademark laws become evident.

Links on this site are checked regularly. It is not uncommon for links to be broken due to network failures, unscheduled maintenance, or sites moved to new locations. Additionally, it sometimes occurs that links may be affected by malicious hackers or by malicious code unintentionally downloaded by consumers. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the content of any off site links. Please report broken links to mail@nupn.com
This site is intended to be a public service to assist users in locating databases containing information about unclaimed property or unclaimed funds. It is intended to serve the function of a search engine and function only as directory of information available.

Changes to Terms of Service will be posted at this location.

We respect your privacy. No email addresses are shared by this site with any other business or individual unless so indicated at the point of collection. Membership is not required for the use of this site. Off site link websites are not under our control and the user is advised to examine the privacy policy of any web site visited.

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