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Hints And Help For Finding Unclaimed Money

Don't confine your search to your home state!
Unclaimed money might be transferred to the state government where a business is headquartered, where it does business, or to the state in which your last known address is located. You might have unclaimed money in any state in which you or your family members have ever lived or have done business.

Five reasons to search for unclaimed money outside your home state.
- If you live in one state and do business in a neighboring state.
- If you have lived in another state.
- If you attended school out of state.
- If you were employed by a company that is located out of state.
- If your financial institution or insurance company, etc. is located out of state.

Search Business Names
If you are a business owner, you should also search under your business name.

Search Often
You may search as often as you like. New records are added to databases on a varying schedule. Some daily and some as seldom as once a year. Usually each online database will list the last update or the frequency of scheduled updates.

Search for other people such as family and friends.
You should search under the names of family and friends. However, you may only file a claim for property that is yours or for which you are the legal heir.

How to check the status of your claim.
The state handles your paper work. You should direct questions to the state in which your claim has been filed. Some states have specific instructions for checking the status of a claim.

How long does it take to get unclaimed money?
It varies from state to state but it is likely to take from 4 - 12 weeks.

How to tell if the money or property listed is yours.
Usually you will see some information that you will recognize. Did you live in the state, county, or city mentioned. Is there a company name mentioned that you recognize? Did you have a relative that lived in the location mentioned? If an address is listed and you lived there or at a similar sounding address, there is a very high probability that the money is yours

Why you may wish to consider pay to search websites.
Not all unclaimed money is listed in the free state and federal databases. If you do not find money in the free databases you might want to consider the pay to search services. If you have a limited budget you should probably stick to the free searches.

Of course, if you had a rich uncle or other relative that died some years ago and you wonder where the money went, then you should strongly consider utilizing all available sources to search! You will probably have a pretty good idea if such is the case!

Pay to search sites may have names of owners obtained from sources not available to the public.
Some companies are proactive in locating owners prior to the deadline for turning unclaimed money over to the states and may utilize commercial data providers to attempt to locate the owners. Some states publish names of owners in local newspapers periodically and do not enter those published names into the online databases for up to a year.
Lastly, it appears that the names of owners in some states are removed from online databases when a claim is filed. If the filed claim turns out to be for a duplicate name, or not the rightful owner, the listing might not be available while the claim is processed.

What to do if you find your name listed at a website advertised on can show you where to find money but you must search and claim money for yourself. For all state and government websites that we link you to,you must file the claim yourself according to the procedures shown on the website.

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