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From NUPN.com you can link to every state unclaimed money agency as well as federal departments. 
There’s also information about insurance companies holding unclaimed property.
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About Us
Hi! My name is Jim Calhoun. The impetus for starting this website in 2004 was a call my wife received from a private investigator who told her he had located money in her name. All he wanted was a 30% cut! In about two hours of searching the internet, I discovered that every state and lots of federal agencies have searchable websites for unclaimed property. I found the money due my wife — and she got the whole amount instead of 70% of it.

I also found lost money for my wife in the unclaimed money database in her home state and forgotten money under my own name in my home state's unclaimed property database. I even found free money for four of my wife's cousins!

I wanted to help other people benefit from what I learned from that experience. And having recently retired, I had the time to learn about unclaimed money and about building a website. NUPN.com was the result and I'm grateful for the experience and the many friends I've made along the way.

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions or success stories, please contact me directly at: mail@nupn.com.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find FREE MONEY. All the information you need to find lost money is out there - on the internet! We aim to pull all of that information together in one place and save you time and effort in your search for your money.

Many, many thousands of people have found lost money with the help of NUPN.com. We believe we are providing a valuable service. And we hope that you think so too.

NUPN.com has received some press coverage over the years because it is a free site. You can read the very first article that mentions us at Fox News - FOX NEWS - A Treasure Trove Just a Click Away!

We sincerely appreciate your visit and we hope that you find some lost money!
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